December 2017


Investments in TAMEH Czech s.r.o.

Low-temperature desulphurisation – the investment was implemented in 2012 - 2017 in order to reduce the emissions of sulphur oxides of the K8, K9, K10, K11 boilers below 200 mg/Nm 3, in accordance with the applicable legislation. The technology supplied also included a new fabric filter. The costs of this project amounted to EUR 22 million.

K14 boiler – the construction started in 2014. The boiler was handed over to use in August 2016. The boiler achieves high efficiency (over 92 %) while keeping low NOx, SO 2 and dust emission levels. The costs of this project exceeded EUR 65 million.

Denitrification – the implementation started in 2013; the planned completion term is 2018. The project aims to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides below 200 mg/Nm 3. The expected costs amount to EUR 42 million.

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