July 2022

Greening of the K4 boiler

TAMEH Czech s.r.o., as an industrial energy company, has long been striving to meet the environmental goals of the EU and the Czech Republic. One of the next investment projects, which will be launched in 2022, is the implementation of the project of greening of the K4 power boiler, which will enable the expansion of the fuel capabilities of this boiler. The winner of the tender for the greening was the Brno-based company Provyko s.r.o., which has already successfully completed the denitrification project for boilers K9 and K10 in the past. The contract with Provyko was signed at the end of May this year.  The actual implementation will take approximately 5 months from this September to January 2023.

The aim of TAMEH is to modify the K4 gas boiler so that after reconstruction it can burn natural gas in addition to blast furnace and coke oven gas. In addition, this will make the K4 boiler a so-called starter boiler for dealing with abnormal conditions. At the same time, the operational possibilities of the heating plant for securing the supply of media for the plant will be increased and the possibilities of optimising the economics of operation will also be expanded.

The main part of the project is the installation of 6 new low-emission gas burners for the combustion of blast furnace, coke oven and natural gas. These burners will comply with the requirements of the current legislation for the operation of gas-fired plants while complying with the emission limits valid from 18 August 2021 BAT for LCPs - i.e. the conclusions on the best available techniques for large combustion plants. In order to comply with the emission requirements of the applicable legislation and the steam output parameters at all boiler operating conditions, a new recirculated flue gas system will be installed. Further technical modifications to the boiler are related to the introduction of natural gas, both in terms of mechanical and software modifications to the boiler control.

There are no major consequences for TAMEH employees from the greening of the K4 boiler. There may be short-term closure of through corridors, but only to a necessary and limited extent. In this case, alternative routes will be provided for the safe movement of operators and maintenance personnel.

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