May 2022

Young firefighters or judo players, for example, receive TAMEH employee grants

A total of sixty thousand crowns were distributed by Tameh Czech through its employee grants. The money goes to selected projects in the Ostrava region, nominated by our employees. In the end, the committee decided to support three of them and on May 20, TAMEH representatives presented them with cheques and donation contracts.

The highest amount was awarded to Tělovýchovná jednota Ostrava. The members of its racing teams are often children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. They want to use the twenty-five thousand crowns to purchase twenty uniform sports sets for the judo team of youth categories, which will contribute to its better sense of belonging. The support was requested by David Tluček, who is the coach of the team and has been active in the group for forty years.

The committee also decided to support the TOM Association of the Czech Republic, Buntaranta, with twenty thousand crowns from ZAME grants. This organization organizes a summer camping trip in the Beskydy Mountains for children and youth from the Buntaranta club who come from foster families, together with the integration club Brána, which brings together people with disabilities. The aim of the event is to break down barriers and bring the two groups together in active cooperation.

The money will be used to partially cover accommodation and food, as well as to purchase creative materials. The application was submitted by Petr Bayer, who has been a volunteer with the organization for three years. "Most children and young people, but also some adults, still don't know how to communicate with the disabled people, how to help them and if they even desire help. We want to overcome prejudices and try to find common interests," said Petr Bayer, explaining his application for the grant.

The third supported group is the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Strahovice. It has 110 members, including 44 children aged from three to eighteen. Out of the twenty-eight thousand crowns that Karel Malchárek applied for, he eventually received fifteen thousand for the brigade. He has been with the volunteer fire brigade for twenty-five years and has organised competitions and events. The money will help buy jerseys and clothing for the children's competition teams, which they then use to present themselves at firefighting competitions.

The applications are assessed by a committee and their success is determined by how involved the employee is in the running of the organisation, how active he or she will be in the project and whether the contribution will be used effectively. The number of people the grant is intended for and how much the money will help the organisation also play a role. "One of the criteria is also the credibility of the organisation, its history, its results and whether the project is realistic at all," says the company's director, Ing. Robert Šteffek.

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